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Nonna Angela

My Nonna is a constant reminder every day of how much I love my heritage and how lucky I am to still have her around to teach me about our family's traditions and the importance of our faith. My Nonna & Nonno came to the U.S. in the 70's in hopes of giving my mother and her brother a brighter future. They arrived with minimal resources and worked tirelessly to make ends meet. She worked as a seamstress for two major fashion houses, Bill Blass and Ralph Lauren. I guess my passion for fashion and attention to detail is truly in my blood! I grew up fortunate enough to have some of my favorite pieces handmade by her which are cherished memories in their own. Nowadays Nonna is either dusting off an heirloom to give one of her grandchildren, altering something in her closet or in the kitchen making one of her traditional Sicilian dishes. Our bond is truly something special that I am beyond grateful to have!


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