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Welcome to My Sicilian Love Affair where I will be sharing all the juicy details about my (not so secret) “love affair” with Sicily from what to eat and where to visit, to how to dress the part and traditions to follow. 


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His & Hers Antica Sartoria đź‘™

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

As cliche as it may be, I always love a good "his and hers" matching whether its armcandy or clothing so whenever I find something I love I have to get it for both of us! To say I am obsessed with Antica Sartoria would be an understatement considering I was there almost every day of the trip ( I even found a store in Taormina). This year Giacomo Cinque designed a collection dedicated to Sicily, so I had a field day. The patterned motifs had everything I love about Sicily on them so naturally I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I surprised Frank with this bathing suit and although he doesn't love "matching" with me, he kinda has no choice lol. At the end of the day, it looked cute and we got cute pictures!

Outfit Details:

His and Hersđź‘™: Antica Sartoria

Cover up: Antica Sartoria

Flip Flops: $23

Bag: Save My Bag $145

Taormina Armparty: $288