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Ficchi D'India Armparty

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"Prickly Pear" Armparty

The Fico D'India/ Ficchi D'India (plural) or prikly pears as we know them, are a sweet fruit that grow off a cactus plant.There are three different Prickly pears varieties, having 3 distinct colors: The Sulfarina the most widespread and therefore less in demand variety, has a typic orange-yellow flesh and a slightly powdery consistency; Muscaredda, a sweeter and more crunchy variety, having a white pulp, and finally the Sanguigna, which is characterized by its red-purple pulp, incredibly juicy and sweet.The flesh is juicy and sweet and contains many seeds, which the locals devour without a thought. Excess fichi d’India are transformed into preserves, juices, condiments, liquors and even skincare products – the essential oils of the fruit’s seeds being highly prized. Prickly pears are not only good for the skin however. In terms of nutrition, they have many advantages, including a low calorie count and a high concentration of vitamin C, magnesium and fiber. Research also shows that prickly pears have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, two aspects that might explain why some Sicilians consider it the perfect hangover cure ;) The beautiful range of color of the ficchi d'india have inspired my Ficchi D'India armparty!

-(1) Green Garnet with Handpainted Fico D'India

-(1) Red Coral Nugget

-(1) Orange Jade with Freshwater Pearl

- Ceramic Handpainted in Sicily
- Made with stretch cord

- Standard 7" length

*all bracelets are made to fit snug, for larger or smaller requests, please leave comments at checkout!

These beaded gemstone bracelets include a custom handmade and hand painted ceramic bead made in Sicily. By nature jewelry is delicate and these bracelets should be treated with care. Excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes or water as well as dropping them can cause the beads to chip or break.

We inspect each bracelet prior to leaving our office to ensure it arrives in good condition. Please inspect your package within 24hours of receiving your order. Any and all claims due to damage must be made within 24hours of delivery. Any claims should be made to OL is not responsible for damage to the ceramic caused by wear.

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