"America is the land that gave me opportunity" - Angela Gigante

Here is a video from summer 2019 where we interviewed my grandparents...


What do you miss the most about Sicily when you are in New York?


"What do I miss? great question..I miss all of Sicily. My way of doing things, my family. But I have adapted and I cannot say anything bad about either place. This is my "Motherland" and I love it but New York gave me "opportunity". I was able to work, raise a family, grandkids. Thank you, I'm done! (LOL)


"I'm miss that as soon as we finished building our house, we left for America. and we can never lose the tradition of coming back to Castellammare. A Lot has changed, it has become more modern but here we are!

Cheers to that!


What word comes to mind when you think of Sicily?


For me, Sicily was "fun"! There was the owner of the "baglio", I would help him tend to the land. Then we would go to Mazzo Di Sciacca and we would drive the fresh water, and while I would drink, my teeth would freeze. It was really something special. Today everything is modern. Theres a ton of stores and restaurants, lots of bars and the people enjoy themselves. They come and go from the beach and the time passes.


"Are you done? For me what comes to mind is that Sicily is the most beautiful place in the world.


"Especially Scopello right?!


Scopello, Castellammare and all of it. My family is first and I hope to keep enjoying it with my kids, grandkids and great grandkids!

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